the antidote - the one stop shop for your boutique accomodation setup

Your boutique accomodation offering should be the antidote to the chaos of life.  As a professional stylist, photographer and graphic designer, Nat is your one stop shop to get your new boutique luxury accomodation up and running. The Palm Co offers a full interior design service or alternately if your property is already furnished we can provide some accent styling for photography to ensure we capture the lifestyle that your accomodation offers.

There are so many reasons as to why you should invest in styling and photographing your accomodation. With so many options out there, first impressions matter and photos are one of the top reasons guests choose to book - a picture tells a thousand words - make your potential guests stop in their (scrolling) tracks and choose to stay with you... why -  because they can see the lifestyle, see the quality and see the experience that they want to have. You want to get as much exposure as you can and with instagram just at your fingertips you want to be the one getting regrammed as a beautiful place to stay!

Air BNB statistics show that if you’re accomodation photographs well it may also lead to an increase in the nightly rate therefore making your accomodation more profitable (how good is that!)

With years of experience in the interior industry Nat would love to customise a package to suit your holiday home, apartment or unit, to help bring your project to life! We want you to enjoy your project and the transformation process and we can look after as much or as little as you like. With expertise in marketing, interiors and photography we can manage your project from initial consultation right through to photography, branding and web design - ensuring your property looks as professional and beautiful as it does in person. Whether you have just purchased the property and are after some advice for your renovation project, or you’re up to furnishing and final touches, I would love to help. Your project should be as stress free and seamless as possible!

Overview of services:

  • Interior Styling (permanent or for photography only)

  • Photography

  • Website Design

  • Branding (including logo development, thank you cards for guests etc)

  • Installation day/s - onsite styling

  • Promotional posts on directly linking our audience to your Boutique Accomodation Instagram account.

  • Exposure to clients looking for unique locations to shoot their products